[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Public comment: reasons that price caps should not be removed from .ORG domain names

David Spector - NSR/USA david at nsrusa.org
Thu Apr 25 13:11:26 UTC 2019

Hello. I own several .ORG domain names for my 501(c)(3) nonprofit 
registered charity, part of an international project to improve the 
world. We charge our clients the smallest possible fee for our course 
that improves many aspect of their lives, including anxiety and 
substance abuse, so we can reach everybody regardless of income.

If the ICANN proposal to eliminate price caps goes into effect, and if 
the price for our domain names increases significantly, we would have no 
choice but to terminate our domain names. We cannot increase our course 
fee to clients to cover a large increase in price, since many of them 
would then not be able to afford to purchase our course. We have no 
donors to fall back on, as fundraising is not appropriate for an 
innovative educational service such as ours.

Such a price increase would be a major hardship for us, since we ONLY 
use .ORG domain names to reach our clients through the Internet 
(websites and email).

Domain names are currently one of the most expensive components for 
having an Internet presence. Even security certificates are currently 
available from at least two providers for a reasonable price (free). 
ICANN should help registries reduce their prices dramatically, not 
increase them.

ICANN charges registries a small and reasonable overhead fee for each 
domain name. Why does it not ensure that registries do the same?

Respectfully submitted as a public comment,

David Spector
Volunteer President,
Natural Stress Relief/USA

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