[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Important: Please continue price protection for .org domain

Jean Twombly jtwombly at tds.net
Fri Apr 26 17:34:31 UTC 2019

Hello, ICANN Directors,

I represent a non-profit organization who provides environmental services to
a New Hampshire lake community, including:
* lake water quality testing
* volunteer and paid hosts at the boating ramp who educate boaters on safe
practices and check for invasive species
* volunteers who patrol the shoreline to spot, identify, and take steps to
remediate any invasive species
* programs to promote
          -  loon nesting and habitat for other endangered species
          -  discontinuance of the use of lead fishing sinkers which kill
          -  planting and nurturing of healthy shoreline vegetation
          -  use of lake-friendly household products
* shoreline tree and beach management and more
Our lake serves as the town water source through wells dug in a sandy esker
which runs across most of the center of the lake. Through careful lake
management, education of our wealthy visitor population and lake property
owners, the Little Sunapee Protective Association, now in the 50th year of
lake stewardship, has been able to maintain the lake as a fully recreational
water source, including unrestricted swimming and boating, as well as a
primary source of drinking water. The status of the lake is oligotrophic
(highest quality of water clarity, low phosphorous, and good oxygen

We, like many, many other non profit organizations, rely upon our
http://www.littlesunapee.org website to promote lake health programs, to
extend our financial support, and to publish communications.

We respectfully ask the ICANN organization to assist non-profit
organizations in their difficult mission of public education by continuing
to offer price protection for the .org domain. It would be a great financial
hardship to purchase a domain at the current dollar figure for unprotected
domains such as .com.

Jean Twombly
Board Member 
Little Sunapee Protective Association
PO Box 1563
New London, NH  03257

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