[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Proposed Renewal of .org Registry Agreement

Luke Hodde lukeehodde at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 13:28:39 UTC 2019


I am the IT person for a small local library in New York. We are funded by
the community through donations. A significant increase in the cost of
renewing our .org domain name would negatively impact our ability to
provide information and services to our community, which is in a low-income
area. In our operation, every penny counts because every penny was donated
by someone who believes in our positive impact. I'm sure there are many
other non-profit organizations using .org domain names who are in similar
situations. It doesn't make any sense to me to consider the .org TLD for a
potentially massive price increase.

Thank you,
Luke Hodde
IT Specialist
Ford Memorial Library
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