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Rex Williams rtfmxp at gmail.com
Fri Apr 26 17:52:38 UTC 2019

It has always been my understanding that .org was for Organizations,
(primarily non-profits). I have maintained a website with a .org for my
organization for many years. We are a small 501(c)4 and any price increase
would have a very negative impact on our operating budget. On behalf of
myself, my organization and many others like us, I feel confident in
stating that raising the price of the .org TLD simply because other
"boutique" TLDs are able to charge more would be a slap in the face to the
original founders of the Internet Domain System. Like .edu and .mil these
are very specific TLDs that were set aside for a specific purpose. Whereas
.com is of course commercial and less argument can be made for capping the

Thank you,
Rex C. Williams
Webmaster/Legislative Director
ABATE of Georgia, District 11
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