[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Penalising non Corporates

bj at bjap.co.uk bj at bjap.co.uk
Fri Apr 26 17:53:12 UTC 2019

We object to ICANN lifting price caps on .org domains, as mostly .org domain
are used by non-corporates, which are, in many cases, Charities, or the not
for profits sector.  Major software suppliers support these with
concesssions  for not-for-profit software and services.  ICANN should not
contemplate any moral or logical rationale to behave differently.


Similar arguments apply to many non-corporates across a range of different


Please do not allow open domain pricing unless you are absolutely certain
that competition amongst domain wholesalers and retailers will drive prices
downwards.  Otherwise there is every likelihood of upward price drift. That
would inevitably hurt the

small business and not-for-profits sector harder than major and
international business sector.


Bernard J Abbott  - In business for the small business and not-for-profits




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