[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Reconsider removing the .org increase price cap

Mike Lietz mike at internetaddress.com
Thu Apr 25 14:04:45 UTC 2019

As a longtime owner of a .org domain, and volunteer for several
non-profit organizations, I understand that expenses add up, and for
something as fundamental as one's name and place in cyberspace, there
isn't really an alternative to having a .org domain. Removing the
increase limit could potentially price many people and organizations
out of being able to secure their identity, without taking money away
from more necessary needs (ones which have more tangible reasons for
mounting increasing costs). Worse yet, I fear that if an organization
does let their registration lapse, opportunistic scammers could assume
their addresses and spread malware, misinformation, and other harm.

Please keep the .org system the way it is. The other TLDs are the
place to find more money, not .org.

Thank you for your consideration.

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