[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Expressed serious viability concerns for open price rise rules for *.org sites

Kurt Seemann kseemann at swin.edu.au
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I represent a community group of people organising to share knowledge (freely, open commons, not for profit) under .org URL domain with Name-cheap.  Our community is not commercial, it reaches out to communities in India, Columbia, Turkey and Pacific island nations as the Primary communities we are trying to build a knowledge exchange around.  As such, our work does not tap into wealthy communities.

We selected the .ORG ending domain, because we do not represent any business, are not for profit, and seek to build a platform for the said communities globally to exchange knowledge.  Our community is still in its very early fragile stage and I fear the work to date will be silenced if the price regulation rules for .org domains is allowed to have run away open price hikes.

I ask that .org is reserved for community based not for profit, non-commercial domain platforms as the domains that assure low costs and the steadiest and lowest price rules, relative to commercial domains such .com and .edu.


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