[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Against the changes proposed in the .org agreement renewal

nate Boguszewski nate at artproduct.net
Thu Apr 25 14:10:22 UTC 2019

I respectfully make the following comments.

I am a .org registrant. I’m the registrant of many other domains on other
TLDs as well. I oppose the incorporation of the URS into the .org renewal

The Internet is so broken right now. Please don’t allow more opportunists
and those with already entrenched power to wield more power over the
Internet. The way things have been going out there, putting .org control
entirely in the hands of capitalism may make registration of .org domains
excessively costly or impossible for the non-profits who typically use

Don’t remove the price caps. Don’t turn .org into the free for all that the
gTLD market is.


*nate Boguszewski*---
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