[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Org Renewal Pricing Changes

Zoey Boles autodmc at autodmclabs.com
Thu Apr 25 14:16:38 UTC 2019


I've operated a .org domain name for over a decade now, and have factored
in the pricing rules as currently implemented into my expenses.

My website is not a business; it's a personal not for profit project that
has been a net money drain, but has given the operators some measure of

The current rules change being proposed would add a major uncontrolled
factor to the core identifier of my website, and puts it in danger of
shutdown after such a long lifetime.  I do not have a huge well of income
available to absorb price hikes, and an open ended pricing option for a
core today, and one that lends no small amount of "prestiege", is just
begging for abuse.

The new landrush of additional domain names has shown that "prestegious"
domain tlds tend to have massive prices, with massive cost changes over
time... Which is fine if you build your branding on that expectation.

But the proposed rules would open the floodgates on a tld which is a core
component of hundreds of thousands of website identities; identities that
are put at risk if there were massive changes to the price.

Please keep in mind that org exists for not for profits and community
projects, not massive money making operations.  Many cannot afford
unexpected expenses.
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