[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Removing Fee Increase Limits Will Significantly Impact Small Non-Profits Like Us

Milwaukee Christians on Campus uwm.mcoc at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 14:18:20 UTC 2019


We would like to submit our concern for the .org domain renewal that
removes price increase limits for PIR. We are a small non-profit that
provides a great social, psychological, and spiritual service to students
at the University of Wisconsin. Our funding comes from just a few
individuals in the community that support many students on campus. Our .org
website is a very important avenue to connect with many students seeking
help. We are limited in our financial resources, so if our domain cost
increases, it could dramatically impact us and the students we support in a
significant way. And we believe this not only applies to us but to many
small non-profits operating in this country that provide great services to
our society. We would like you to consider to continue to set price and
price limits to PIR .org domain names.

Thank you
Milwaukee Christians on Campus
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