[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Against the changes proposed in the .org agreement renewal

John Davis john at mamclothing.com
Thu Apr 25 14:20:43 UTC 2019

As a .org registrant, I respectfully make the following comments.

The .org registry was created with public money as part of the Internet
commons. This is different from new top-level domains such as .guru and
.money, where the operators invested their own money to become registrars.
As such, it makes sense to allow them to charge whatever the market will
bear. That is not the case with the .org registry.

Allowing the .org registry to charge any price it wants for renewing a
domain name is a bad idea. A domain owner could be forced to pay a very
high price each year to renew their domain name, and if the domain owner
either won't or can't, then the .org registry could take away their domain
name, set a high registration price on it, and then try to find someone
else who is willing to pay a high price for it. This is very unfair to long
time .org domain owners who may see their prices raised significantly only
to benefit the registry.

I thank you for considering my comments.

John S Davis
Greensboro, NC
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