[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Please maintain price controls on .org

Matthew Swabey mattaw at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 14:35:53 UTC 2019

Please maintain price controls on .org, and preferably extend to all domain

The domain name system requires considerable investment by an organization
in a domain, causing it to have significant value. However the domain name
is not owned, but rented. Do not expose businesses to unpredictable
financial risks of gTLD registrars abusing monopolistic powers.

It is critical to protect business investment and success with DNS that
domain names and stable and "boring". It is essential to maintain
confidence in the domain name system by barring rampant profiteering by
holding a domain name hostage to arbitrary price movements.

Domain names are not a "free market", they are a regulated, segmented,
monopoly. Since this is a monopoly the operators should be contracted to
operate the systems reliably and enabled to make a consistent, stable,
fixed profit (like bonds vs. shares).

The technology is mature and predictable. The companies operating the gTLD
did not invent the technology, are not innovating in the technology space,
and any investments they make are to cover infrastructure needs and are
completely predictable. Capitalism is supposed to reward risk with returns
- gTLD operation is like the bond market, not the stock market. Price
controls are the appropriate management strategy.

Dr S
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