[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Against uncapping of domain name fees

Jordan Truesdell jordan at truesdell.org
Thu Apr 25 14:51:07 UTC 2019

The .org name is a lifeline for many organizations with small budget, and the uncapping of fees will result in a monopoly player setting potentially any price they choose - stripping non-profits and other organizations of a lifeline to constituents and supporters. The internet is a non-negotiable presence for all organizations, and to allow the arbitrary increase in price is like allowing a single, unregulated provider of insulin to enter the market. It would take only a single, temporary operator with a substantial profit motive to strip many organizations of their domain opportunities and, essentially, their voice. And once a name is taken by another organization in the market, whether it be for a competing purpose or as a domain squatter (of which there are already far too many, well-funded players)

Allowing arbitrary, unregulated price increases damages the entire marketplace, and for this reason I oppose removal of the price caps. 

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