[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Proposed Renewal of .org Registry Agreement

hgs hello at harigovind.org
Thu Apr 25 15:17:17 UTC 2019

My opinion is that the proposed renewal of .org registry agreement is a 
bad idea. I  believe that when there is no guarantees as to whether the 
domain name will be affordable in the future, organizations and 
individuals will be reluctant to buy domain names and have an online 
presence. I'm a student and I own a .org domain name and use it for my 
personal website and my e-mail. Having an e-mail under my own domain 
name gives me the power to choose any e-mail servers I find suitable 
without changing my e-mail address. As a student with very little 
income, the domain name is only affordable to me at current prices and 
if I have no guarantee that the pricing won't skyrocket in a year or 
two, I would have to reconsider if I need a domain or not given the risk 
of giving it up due to high prices and someone else taking it over.

It is my request to reject this proposal because I strongly believe that 
organizations will choose to not have an online presence than having 
their online identity taken up by someone else because they don't have 
the resources to continue using it. For existing organizations using a 
.org domain, giving it up means that giving up their whole online 
identity. So they will have no other choice than to pay higher fees to 
continue operating. Please maintain the price cap on annual increases 
due to these reasons.

Hari Govind


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