[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Objection to new iCANN renewal policy

Kelly Currier kellylcurrier at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 15:26:42 UTC 2019

As owner of a .org domain, and one who has many clients with similar .org
domains, I absolutely object to the ICANN contract renewal change that
would allow registrars to charge any price they choose for .org domain
renewals, with no limit cap (like the current 10% per year rule).

As .org domains are generally used for non-profit organizations - and the
clients I have fall into that category (my non-profit has yet to be formed,
but I own the .org domain for that intention) -- this will be an economic
hardship on these companies and groups that they can ill afford. Having the
market "correct itself" has proven to be a pipedream, as we have seen with
the skyrocketing costs of prescription medications (sometimes increasing in
price over 5000% in one year). Registrars will no doubt take immediate
advantage of this opportunity to charge whatever they choose - and many
non-profits who own those .orgs will have no choice but to accede to such
'ransom demands' in order to continue their charitable work. And the costs
will cut into and diminish the good work they are doing and limit their

PLEASE do not allow this ruling in the Registry Agreement go through as it
is currently written. The 10% per year cap is necessary for organizations
to function financially.

Thank you for your attention to these comments.

Kelly Currier
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