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Thu Apr 25 15:54:37 UTC 2019

How's everyone doing today?
I'm aware there is a proposal to remove the price caps on org, biz and info domains. If this results in private accumulation and speculation of domains, this could reduce the freedom of the Internet, increase the concentration of power into fewer hands and, therefore, minimise freedom of speech and the ability of the world to share vital information on websites that are not profit driven.
If ICANN has a good explanation for how a cap removal could exceed the benefits of the current regime, please share it with the rest of us so that we may have a say in the future of our common Web. Would this decision prevent fake news, for example? Is it to remove the Web of dormant and unsuccessful Web content?
Too many ecosystems are being lost, and thus we are threatening stable existence of life on the planet. People need access to domain names so that this kind of information can be organically spread and solutions can be formed.
This is a process that should be transparent and participatory. I was lucky to have heard about this alongside my busy schedule. But I need to be more informed, as do millions more, before a rational decision can be made on whether or not the cap should be removed and domain prices are exposed to the markets.
I hope to receive some feedback from ICANN.

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