[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Changes to ICANN ruling for .org TLDs

Andrew Robert Burgess andyravensable at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 16:25:59 UTC 2019


As the long time holder of a .org TLD, I am opposed to the proposition that ICANN will allow PIR to set whatever prices it wishes on TLDs, instead of the standard 10% the current ruling states. I, like many others with a .org TLD, use the TLD as an indication that my website is a not-for-profit one, and that I do not make any money from it. In my  personal case, I use it as a personal portfolio of my work, but I do not sell anything on the site, or use it to engage in any other kind of financial transaction. This is important to me, as a .com, or a .co.uk address would indicate to my users that I was a company, and I wish to make the non-profit aspect of my website clear. 

However, my need is far outweighed by other holders of the .org TLD, who include charities, NGOs, and other organisations who depend even more heavily on denoting themselves as not being companies. By allowing the PIR to raise prices to any level they deem suitable, without due explanation or cause for these price raises, smacks of gross profiteering to the detriment of those who cannot afford it. 

Please consider this when making your judgement.

Andrew Robert Burgess

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