[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Objection to removing price cap on renewing .org names

John Lyon-Smith john at lyon-smith.org
Thu Apr 25 16:40:04 UTC 2019

I’m hoping that my outreach to you will, along with the many others that I’m sure are commenting, chip away at your resolve to remove the price cap on .org domain names.  I currently have two .org domains, lyon-smith.org and kathleensutton.org.  The former is my personal domain, that have had for almost 20 years now.  The latter is for a registered charity that helps with transportation costs for women with cancer.

If you remove the price cap and we are forced to pick another domain name because the renewal price increases 100 times, you will disrupt decades of established connections to these domains.  I have used the lyon-smith.org domain name in over 500 accounts online.  My children use the same account and also have a similar number of accounts each.

Really, the disruption you are planning to cause makes little sense, and seems motivated more by money that what will actually help people.  I hope that the people behind this decision are not part of the current government administration that brought such horrible decisions as failure to uphold net neutrality.

I’m asking you with the utmost sincerity and as much emotion as I can muster in an email, please, please to not do this.

John Lyon-Smith

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