[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Opposed to the changes proposed in the .org agreement renewal

Matt Kornegay mkornegay2 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 16:47:19 UTC 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to submit a comment.

ICANN does not seem to recognize the difference between a legacy extension created with the support of the US government, that predates the existence of ICANN and that has millions of existing users and the brand new extensions that started off with a new set of rules, in particular no price controls, and no existing registrants. They have completely different characteristics, history, and ownership structure. It is not acceptable for ICANN to ignore these differences and to propose that they be treated the same.

Removing price caps is not fair to .org domain owners. Many of them have websites that they have used for years. If price caps are removed, the cost to renew their domain names may become too expensive, and they could be forced to give up websites that are important to them.

The Uniform Rapid Suspension policy is too new and untested to apply on domain names that may be 20 years old or more. With the URS, the domain names could be taken down in a matter of days with little notice.

ICANN should be doing more to protect owners of .org domain names. Why is ICANN trying to remove price protections for .org domain owners, so many of which are non-profits, so that they can be overcharged for their domain names?

Please do not allow caps to be lifted on .org domains and also remove the 10% increase.m. This will significantly impact non-profits (that already have a limited budget) and their ability to afford TLDs. It will also cause organizations not to be able to secure other TLDs because they are not available (ex. .coms, .nets, etc). Think about all the marketing and printing that goes into a change like this too. Very costly. You could bankrupt nonprofits on this one bad decision. 

Please, please keep this from happening. This will impact my organization and the ones we work with in a huge negative way and ultimately cause our online presence to disappear. 

The ripple affect of a decision like this will be felt all over the world. 


Matt Kornegay
Reach Recovery & CG Design 

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