[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Price Cap Removal Is Not Reasonable

T A Hofer tamas.hofer at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 17:11:18 UTC 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

My understanding is that price increases for the .org domains have been
capped at 10% in the past. This compares to US inflation of less than 3%
over the past five years and no expectation of a significant increase.
Prices were also capped.

Given that this is a matter of technology in a public service context, the
expectation would be that prices go down, not up, given the underlying
technology cost base should be going down.

Public Interest Registry (PIR) did spend about 6% of revenues on salaries,
which are expected to rise about in line with inflation, however, that
might not justify even a 10% increase in prices.

PIR is a non-profit and also appears to be in good financial health based
on past and most recent Form 990 filings available to review on the

Consequently, it does not appear to be necessary to make any modifications
to existing, apparently generous, pricing mechanisms.

As a domain name registrant, I request that ICANN maintains the current
caps on prices and price increases on .org domains. In addition, ICANN
should similarly maintain stable conditions on all legacy domains.


Tamas Hofer
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