[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Unlimited Fee increases for .org domains

Daniel Hursh dan at hursh.org
Thu Apr 25 17:24:49 UTC 2019

I'm writing to voice my disapproval of the unlimited fee increases 
for .org domains.  I know there are similar measures for other top level
 domains but I only own one domain and it is a .org domain.  I don't 
feel it is my place to comment on the other TLDs as a result.

 fear and expect that prices for .org domain will increase greatly if 
allowed since there are many who can afford it and have commercial 
interests in investing in certain domains.  But the .org domains are (as
 I understand it) meant for groups that my not be operating out of
commercial interests.  It would be in poor taste to allow them to be 
forced out by those with deeper pockets.

I also
 like the idea of the internet being a place were anyone can have a 
presence.  If the price of an "address" on internet is allowed to grow 
without limit, it could easily force out those without large, disposable
incomes.  I know I would have to consider not 
renewing my domain if the price were allowed to double anually.  I won't be able to consider keeping if if the price were to grow by an order of 

I understand that the are costs for 
maintain infrastructure and managing domain registrations and there may be a need to increase those costs at 
times.  But I also know that there is no cost in actually "creating" a name and 
that the systems for management seems to already be in place and seems to be largely 
automated.  Removing the limit on fee increases is just inviting an 
exercise in price optimization that with turn domain names into 
resources that only the very wealthy can consider owning.  The internet 
should not be handled that way.


Dan Hursh
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