[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Keep The Price Cap On .ORG Registration

Derek G Currie derekcurrie at mac.com
Fri Apr 26 22:46:50 UTC 2019

Regarding: Proposed Renewal of .org Registry Agreement

It was stated:
> In alignment with the base registry agreement, the price cap provisions in the current .org agreement, which limited the price of registrations and allowable price increases for registrations, are removed from the .org renewal agreement.

This is a terrible idea that can only have been made our of ignorance of the effect upon the Internet. To let loose price gouging on .ORG registration in particular could not be a worse idea. A vast number of non-profit groups and companies use .ORG. Removing the price cap would, without a doubt, be an enormous burden upon these entirely benevolent and beneficial groups of people. Stop now before the public responses with tirades of anger at making domain registration costs well beyond the means of groups or people who should be provided with the very lowest possible costs.

Please let economic sense and good will toward humanity guide your decision. Removing the price cap for .ORG is not remotely sensible or good will.

Thank you,

Derek G. Currie

Derek G Currie
derekcurrie [at] mac.com

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