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there is almost nothing more important to me than the internet in our world. i would like to appeal to ICANN to keep .org prices competitive and affordable to low income organization's. i am a hard working organization founder with low income and am asking ICANN to relate to individuals who have very little money but are doing high works with .org domains. i feel the true vision and spirit of the internet is information access, free availability of our world's work, the heritage of our planet, the hard work of the world, a place of opportunity and connection...the internet is part of the spirit of our world. .org domains rising in price would be an internet hinderance and an income based gatekeeping mechanism for those able to do high work with .org domains. .org domains may be the highest activism domain and in my view should not be a monetarily challenging domain to obtain.

i feel it is ideal for morals, standards, and strategy to dictate these decisions not monetary interests. please hear the calls of individuals over corporate pilfering of our priceless and irreplaceable internet...

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