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Leora Weitzman leora at backinharmony.org
Thu Apr 25 18:24:08 UTC 2019

I am a small business owner (sole proprietor, no employees).  My website, backinharmony.org, is a crucial part of how I connect with clients.  

Low-cost website and email marketing have been an essential part of my growth since shortly after I started out in 2007.  My overhead is about 1/3 of my gross income, which means I contribute to the economy through the supplies and services my business uses.  It also means I need to watch each expense closely.

A significant increase in the cost for my website domain could destabilize my business.  I would seriously consider getting by without a website, which would damage my business, even though I have a strong word-of-mouth following.  If I kept the website while paying significantly more, the quality or quantity of my services would have to suffer in some way, such as older/more worn-out/less functional supplies.
Removing the cap on domain costs discriminates against small businesses like mine.  By threatening small businesses, it undermines the freedom that our nation was designed to support.  I work very hard to keep my business going.  I love it, and would much rather work hard for myself than work for someone else.  There is a dignity and freedom about self-employment that is of great value, and is vulnerable when essential costs spike.

Please consider this as you deliberate on removing the domain price cap.
Thank you for reading this.

Leora Weitzman, PhD, LMT, RYT®
Back in Harmony

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