[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Proposed Renewal of .ORG Registry Agreement

Ricard Gras ricard.gras at edunexis.com
Sat Apr 27 02:50:50 UTC 2019

To whom it may concern,


I am a domain name registrant.


I write to oppose the removal of price caps on any of the "legacy" gTLDs as
doing so will only create a free-for-all on limitless price increases across
the well-established board.


By nature .ORG domains (and "legacy" gTLDs in general) are used for
non-profit related organisations rather than a commercial business - which
would mean that a non-profit organisation could be penalised for the renewal
of their domain name by a dramatic increase in fees.


Removing price caps is not fair. Many of us have websites that we have used
for years. If price caps are removed, the cost to renew our domain names may
become too expensive, and we could be forced to give up websites that are
important to us.


ICANN staff should not unilaterally impose URS in legacy gTLDs when that
issue is precisely what is being examined by the volunteer ICANN Working
Group who has been mandated to review this issue. ICANN policy making is
supposed to be a 'bottom up, multi-stakeholder model'.


ICANN appears to be entirely catering to registries by removing price caps.
ICANN should stand up for the public interest and registrants!




Ricard Gras


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