[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Proposed Renewal of .org Registry Agreement

RL Hawkes rhawkes at chignecto.ca
Sat Apr 27 05:10:07 UTC 2019

While I am the registrant for only 2 .org domain names currently, I feel that the TLD is well placed to play an increasingly important role globally and this move harms prospects for that.  For many organizations uncertainty in future prices have been one reason they have avoided new and alternative domain extensions.  The removal of the cap would harm .org, even if higher prices were not enacted.   Simply that they could be would shake potential registrant confidence. 

While to some degree I understand the rationale to place .org on a similar footing with the new  extension registries, I think a more positive way for ICANN to eventually achieve this would be to extend price caps on new extensions, rather than remove them from legacy. Advances in technology should be driving the cost of operating a registry down, and with already a 10% pa cap it is hard to imagine why even more price flexibility is needed by any registry. Org has a large user base, and stable renewals, and it is difficult to understand  why they can not operate within the existing cap.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

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