[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Comments on proposal to remove .org price cap

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Sat Apr 27 07:25:55 UTC 2019

What is the business case to permit significant increases in cost for .org
domain registrations? Is the registry loosing money? Is it facing an
existential threat? Is it facing significant additional costs to run its
service over the next period? Organisations that are providing serivces
such as registry services for defactco domain services such as .com, .org,
.net etc need to continue to be regulated. Perhaps your contract needs to
be more flexible, allowing a price-index style cost increase and if there
is a significant technology change where investment in the domain registry
beyond what the existing income stream can provide is required (and which
would need to be clearly demonstrated to an independant panel) then permit
the licence holder to apply for additional income for a specific period of
time solely to address that need.

It has to be noted that .org is the home of many non-profit organisation,
some of which are very small community orgisations, and their online
presence could be highly disruptive if their domain registry fees increase
to such a level that they have to jump to a new domain name. You would be
unlikely to be popular as an organisation having given the licence holder
an opportunity to print money at the cost of charities and communities
organisations that can ill afford the additional cost.  Also note that .org
is usually more expensive than .com and .net depending where you buy it

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