[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Retain the .org price cap clause

Geekasylum geekasylum at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 07:58:00 UTC 2019

As a holder of .org domains I am concerned about potential price increases
to those domains if the price that the wholesaler can charge is not capped.

A cap of 10% per year (As in previous years) is perfectly valid and
protects consumers from arbitrary price increases.

Top level domain spaces are a monopoly, given that your business or
organisation can generally fit into certain top level domains but not
others, there is limited choice, and in many cases only a single choice is
right for an organisation. For example if I were operating a TV station (or
IPTV) type of business, then the .tv domain would be an obvious fit,
whereas a TLD like .shop, would not fit the business.

Similarly a non-profit organisation might find that the only TLD that fits
for them is the .org TLD. If the .org wholesaler decided to arbitrarily
increase the price the consumer would have little choice but to pay, or to
use a domain that doesnt make any sense in the context of the organisation,
or to have no internet presence at all.

While it can be argued that market forces will dictate a nominal price, it
has been demonstrated historically that we cannot trust companies in
control of a monopoly, to do the right thing, or even to follow the market.

For the reasons stated above, I am against any TLD contract which does not
include a fair and reasonable, per-anum based price cap.

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