[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] .org Price Caps

Michael Gallipo michael.gallipo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 12:39:50 UTC 2019

As someone who has been involved with non-profits for decades and is now working in technology, the idea of lifting the price caps on .org registrations and allowing them to be set by a monopolist might be one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. 

First, .orgs by their very nature are not businesses and should not be treated as such. So the ‘rationale’ in the proposal, though it seems charitable to call it such, t treat it more like other registrations is flawed from the start. 

Second, this is technology in 2019. Why in the world should costs be going up? This isn’t new technology. This isn’t .org v3.0 with all of these new features and performance improvements. I can see zero justification for removing the pricing caps. At most, if the provider can document legitimate increases in their operating costs (possible though I am dubious), then adjust the caps slightly, don’t eliminate them. 

In short, I could not be more opposed to this proposal as currently written and I hope that is scrapped or at least substantially revised. 

Thank you for time and attention. 

Sincerely, Michael Gallipo
President, cochecolacrosse.org
Boys Vice President, nhyla.org
Chair, PR Committee, portsmouthpromusica.org

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