[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Regarding removing the price caps for .org domains

Gaurav Sharma rbigaurav69 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 14:43:45 UTC 2019

Dear Sir/Ma'am,

It is really sad to see that a single company is controlling all .org
domain registrations for past 17 years. And now you're removing price caps
for .org domain which would let them set whatever price they want.

It is sad to see that Internet was started as a free service for everyone .
The non profit organisations using .org domain are bringing a change in the
world and that too selflessly. It is really necessary to give the right of
education(and all other initiatives), helping mankind, which is being done
by a number of organisations.

Dear Sir/Ma'am, you and me are not doing our (selfless) bit for our
brothers and sisters, who need help. We are just doing our job for which we
get paid. It is all these organisations which are doing this work. If
you'll let this company set whatever price they want, it'll put a pressure
on all these NGOs and Non profits. So please do not let this happen. It is
your duty and responsibility for which you get paid for. So please do your

If anything said above was even a slightly rude. My sincere apologies.

Thanks and regards,
Gourav Sharma
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