[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] FW: Strong plea from a struggling non-profit org.: continue .org price protection

Peter Tourin peter.tourin at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 18:07:34 UTC 2019

Dear ICANN directors,


Your proposal to discontinue price protection for the .org domain will affect many, many non profit groups who struggle to survive in the current unfriendly business climate for non profits. 


I am a co-director of Ensemble Soleil, a internationally-renowned performing music ensemble (www.esoleil.org) founded in 1995 with a website built shortly thereafter. We have been a 501(c)3 charity since 1997, and since we perform Baroque and Renaissance music on original instruments, our audience and our pool of performers are spread widely across the US, Canada and some of our guest artists go back and forth to Europe. The website is a very key part of our framework, both for concert information and communications. It would be a severe hardship on our organization to pay higher website fees, since our financial supporters already bear a heavy burden since corporate funding dropped sharply after the mid 2000s.


I implore you to reconsider opening the door to high domain fees for the .org domain since it will effectively destroy the majority of funding for small organizations such as ours.


Thank you for allowing me to submit this information for your consideration.



Peter Tourin

Technical Director

Ensemble Soleil 

EIN  04-3371033

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