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Mustafa Gezen mustafa at bycrates.com
Sun Apr 28 02:23:33 UTC 2019


Regarding the renewal of the .org registry agreement, there has been
proposed a new pricing model.

The new pricing model removes the upper pricing limit, which can lead to
PIR (Public Internet Registry)

drastically increasing the prices without any consequences from ICANN.

Legacy TLDs like .org should not have the same freedom (regarding to
pricing) as the new gTLDs.

The reason being that the legacy TLDs is very imprinted into peoples daily
lives and serves a different purpose.

One can say that they are “official” in a way.

If there is an increase in operational cost which absolutely requires a
pricing increase on .org domains, then

that should be discussed and an absolute percentage (maximum) should be
reported to the public beforehand

and that percentage should take place in the new registry agreement.

If this new registry agreement takes effect without any pricing cap, legacy
domains, SMBs and large .org holders

all would be affected by this. What separates new gTLDs from legacy gTLDs
is that many businesses rely more

on the legacy gTLDs for production systems rather than gTLDs because of
their stability. Both operational and in pricing.

Legacy gTLDs have way more registrants to account for their operational
cost than new gTLDs

Removing the price cap for legacy gTLDs is nothing more than imposing a
cash grab for their respective registries

as those legacy gTLDs already have many (many more) registrants than the
new ones.

*Mustafa Gezen*

Bycrates AS, NO 920 348 017

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