[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Retain 10% cap on .org domain prices

Paul Higgins paulshiggins at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 02:41:47 UTC 2019

I have used the Internet (and its predecessors) since 1983 (prior to the
introduction of the .org TLD) and have watched as Internet access moved
from the few to the many.  I have also managed .org domain names for over
twenty years.

I'm concerned about the proposal to eliminate the 10% annual cap on price
increases by the Registry Operator for .org.  The intended customers of
.org domain names are not-for-profit organizations who are often tightly
constrained for resources.

In a perfectly free market, the elimination of the 10% cap would make
sense, as competition would keep domain prices in check.  While there is a
competitive market for registrars (which has produced healthy price
competition), there is no competitive market for the Registry Operator's
function.  Allowing the Registry Operator to raise prices with no cap could
create an unfortunate and extreme environment of extreme price increases.
There is no appropriate substitute for the purchase of .org domain names.
One can't simply switch domain names to a TLD with a lower price,
particularly if that not-for-profit organization has years of brand
familiarity associated with the .org domain name.  While that may be
technically feasible, to do so could introduce great risk to a
not-for-profit domain holder.

Paul Higgins
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