[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Proposed Renewal of .org Registry Agreement

Andrew Zah zah at andrewzah.com
Sun Apr 28 08:59:25 UTC 2019

I am a domain name registrant and I've seen what happens when you let 
entities charge arbitrary amounts.

I've read about a lot of bad decisions under the UDRP. The URS seems 
even worse. I heard the URS is very new and is being reviewed now to see 
if it is working properly. It is too soon to include an untested policy 
on .org domains where for a few hundred dollars anyone could try to shut 
down someone else's website.

Telling the .org registry that it can charge any price it wants for 
renewing a domain name is a terrible idea. Why would you allow them to 
set a crazy high price? They could try to force the domain owners to pay 
a very high price each year to renew their domain name, and if the 
domain owner either won't or can't, then the .org registry could take 
away their domain name, set a high registration price on it, and then 
try to find someone else who is willing to pay a high price for it. This 
is very unfair to long time .org domain owners who may see their prices 
raised sky high for no reason.

You let the new domain extensions charge any price they want, but that 
hasn't gone so well. Lots of people got burned when the new registries 
offered low rates for the first year, and then after people registered 
the domain names and some built web sites on them, some of the prices 
were raised through the roof. .Org has been working just fine for 
decades where the prices maybe go up a little bit each year. Allowing 
huge price increases from one year to the next could ruin .org for 

I think you should pay a little more attention to what is good for the 
owners of .org domain names. The registries are doing fine. They don't 
need your help as they are already making plenty of money.

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