[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Price caps on .org TLD

Josh Watzman icann-comments-org-renewal at jwatzman.org
Sun Apr 28 10:29:52 UTC 2019

I am an owner of a .org domain, and I am strongly opposed to removing the price caps on the .org legacy TLD and ask ICANN to please not implement this part of the proposal. Unlike the new gTLDs, the value in the .org legacy TLD was not created by the organisation which now currently runs it. It should not be simply handed over with no benefit to all of the registrants in .org which helped create that value -- registrants who invested in .org on the understanding that it is a sort of community trust, not a gTLD owned by a specific organisation. Because of the great value in .org, there is a huge risk that its operator would use its inherent monopoly to raise prises in order to extract this value which would have unfairly been simply handed to them.

And so again I urge ICANN not to implement this part of the proposal -- to not give away this value that we all have created in the .org legacy TLD.

Thank you for reading,
Josh Watzman

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