[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Keep Existing Rules in Place

Mark Branly mark at registeredcreative.com
Sun Apr 28 12:45:39 UTC 2019

I understand the desire to normalize the way that all TLD contracts are structured and that there may be pressure from the registries to do so. 

However, this is simply not fair to domain registrants. Every .org domain owner bought into the deal with a guaranteed stability and for them, this would be changing the rules mid-game. 

I don’t have the numbers on how many .org domain name owners are small, scrappy, hard-working, and often struggling, local community based non-profits working for the public good. But I’d bet that it is huge chunk of them. 

By changing the rules, you would be taking money from our local communities and jeopardizing these organization's ability to continue operating all to give the money to a private company who is doing just fine—literally stealing from the poor to give to the rich.

I beg you not to do that. 

Mark Branly
Registered Creative
(919) 680-3440
registeredCreative.com <http://registeredcreative.com/>
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