[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Comment on .org .info .biz Domain Renewal Price Increase

Georgi Todorov georgiangtodorov at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 28 20:31:51 UTC 2019

Hello ICANN,


I'm following up closely any news related to the proposed domains renewal
price contracts and any laws, policies and news related to the domain


I agree with domain name registrars that ICANN's bad justification on the
new contracts. 

ICANN believes that the contracts to run older TLDs like .org should be the
same as those for running new top level domain names. This ignores the long
history of these legacy top level domain names and how the contracts to run
the registries were awarded. Whereas new top level domain companies risked
their own money to introduce new domains, the registries running .org, .biz,
etc. are merely stewards for what should be considered a resource that
belongs to the web.


ICANN must live up to their motto! "One World. One Internet." To keep it
that way, the internet must be close to free as possible! Period.


I didn't expect this outcome and proposal from ICANN! I thought that ICANN
supports transparent, as close to free internet as possible.

I think that the price increase will allow only the corporations and
individuals with deep pockets to have access to TLDs. This sets a dangerous
precedent and I AM AGAINST  IT!


I don't want to have ICANN lose its positions as the primary and only
largest global organization for assigned names.

But so it may happen, because we as The Web Engineers will start searching
for alternatives. In this price chaos will come new order!


I think ICANN must resolve this situation and secure the new low cost
contracts, and support as close to free as possible internet.




Georgi Todorov

Web Engineer

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