[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] I'm against removing the price cap for .org domains

Foster Schucker Foster at Schucker.org
Sun Apr 28 21:43:32 UTC 2019

As the owner of a number of .org domains for a number of years (I've had 
schucker.org, for a very, very long time)  I'm against removing the cap.

Without a cap, my .org costs could go from $20 a year to $200 a year and 
jump to $2000 a year after that.

While I know it costs money to keep the root .org servers alive, it's 
pretty much a database record.  The cost of computing is dropping year 
after year.

If the .org want to raise prices by a 2-3% amount each year I'm fine, 
but wholesale removal of the cap is a really bad idea.


Foster Schucker

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