[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] .org price cap removal

Henri-R Brisard henris_list at mac.com
Mon Apr 29 11:54:52 UTC 2019

I’ve been informed that .org price caps will be removed, providing the controlling company now an opportunity to amass untold riches - on the back of non profits?

I want to believe that’s impossible but the web is abuzz at this horrific news.

“PIR would be able, if it so chose, to sharply increase prices on .org domains with the result that revenues from .org registrants could increase by hundreds of millions of dollars annually, with much of that revenue coming out of the operational funds of non-profit organizations.”

This news have many of us wondering why this would be a priority, to extract millions out of the operational funds of non profits. They already are mostly all stretched thin, and now you want to pin them against the wall? 

“They may soon be free to increase prices until the pain threshold of registrants is reached and the registrants simply cannot afford to continue renewing their .org domains.”

The idea there is willful harm done to non profits is beyond me. But we all get a sense of backdoor deals that the public is obviously unaware of. And this is being done at the time of record growth and reliance on the web for all things - including education. Many of us are keeping a close eye on this and will be vocal in this outrageous action by the concerned and named bodies. 

I stand in absolute opposition to this. Pls take the time to research and find profits elsewhere. 


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