[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Changing the .ORG domain names

Udi Keshet udi.keshet at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 12:39:39 UTC 2019


The idea to take ORG domain names pricing o TOP Level put our users in risk.

We deal with people over 45 years old who want or need to maintain their
career.  It’s a fragile moment in life while you thought your career is
secured and now everything changes.

Many business people target that opportunity while people are vulnerated.

We run an NGO organization.

we chose it in order to make them feel comfortable, letting them express
themselves freely.

We could highlight our intention by using our website as ORG domain.

If you're going to extend the registration fees, it will push us to choose
cheaper alternative and the users might lose their confidence.

Please reconsider your proposal.


Udi Keshet

Gray-Haired Club (GHC)


Udi Keshet
+972 54 6263341
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