[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Retain the price-cap on domain renewals

Andrew andrew at whitemill.org
Mon Apr 29 13:26:27 UTC 2019

Speaking as a non-commercial .ORG owner, of over 18 years standing, I am appalled by the suggestion that the cost of domain renewals should now become unrestricted.

This will not be "competition", it is sure to become a "protection racket" pure and simple!

  "Nice domain you've got there.  Shame if anything should happen to it."

In the beginning, the .ORG domain was, I believe, aimed specifically at those non-profit organisations (and individuals) who are, by definition, those least able to afford the inevitable price rises which will now be imposed on a captive market at the mercy of a monopoly supplier.

It may, or may not, be reasonable to go head to head with .TV (and the other baby-boomer domains) for new .ORG registrations, but please do not open a milking parlour for your existing .ORG domain owners.


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