[Comments-org-renewal-18mar19] Objection to Transformation of Org Registry from being NPO Centric to Profit Centered

Jeff Libert webwork at verizon.net
Mon Apr 29 18:46:48 UTC 2019

Dear Sirs and Mesdames:
Please note my strong objection to the new registry operator's desire to transform the "PUBLIC INTEREST registry" into the "THEIR PRIVATE PROFIT registry". 
New gTLDs are NOT the same as incumbent TLDs and should not be treated as "one in the same". Organizations have built their Web presence around the idea that .Org stood for something. The registry organization - PIR.org itself - helped to build that reputation and build the acceptance of the .Org domain around certain ideas - including what the domain AND the registry stood for. 

.Org IS a brand. That brand has LONG been PUBLIC INTEREST focused. The new management of the PIR - posturing that newly realized PROFITS from raising prices in an unrestrained manner  will somehow enhance .Org's already established brand is masking an utterly self-serving argument as a public service. It's nonsense. It should be utterly rejected. 
Two+ decades of .Org, operating as a uniquely "public interest" registry, MUST stand for something. There must be some space, in the domain space, that stands for something other than self-interest and profit motive.  
ICANN, you have handed the domain "industry" and the "domain industrialists" the keys to the gTLD factory - enabling "unlimited" NEW gTLDs. Isn't that enough opportunity for those whose motive is to pursue profit? 
"Squeezing the tenants" of .Org for greater RENTS is exactly what the new PIR management seeks to do. Unlike apartment tenants, however, "moving out" to a new WWW address" is hardly feasible and likely greatly expensive. You, ICANN, might (not) so easily move to a new building "down the street" if your landlord upped the rents of the building your were operating out of. Not so for the millions of .Org "tenants". How utterly CLEVER for new management to take over millions of apartment "buildings" where the tenants - faced with unlimited rent increases - can only "move out" at great cost of re-branding, re-positioning, re-SEOing, re-indexing, technically restructing, their existing organizational Web identities. .  
Please respect, honor and do not destroy this beautiful piece of the architecture of the worldwide web. .
Org's historical significance and historical value AND ESTABLISHED OPERATIONAL VALUES should be and must be preserved.
Respectfully,Jeffrey A. Libert, Esq.
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