[Comments-proposed-amendment-1-jobs-registry-agreement-30sep20] Response to query regarding Proposed Amendment 1 to the .JOBS Registry Agreement

Ray Fassett ray at goto.jobs
Mon Nov 16 22:56:04 UTC 2020

Hello Justine, thank you for your interest and for your questions.  

In assuming the role and duties of the sponsor we expect the effect of this
change to be neutral. Our rationale includes preserving the concept of the
HR Council maintaining independence in serving the interests of the .Jobs
community, adding the RRDRP mechanism for the resolution of registration
restriction disputes and simplifying Specification 12 comparable to other
legacy sponsored TLD's.

We have not received any objections, oral or written, from the .Jobs
community referenced in our letter of 8 April 2020 to ICANN or expressed by
SHRM.  Sources include Employ Media, SHRM and ICANN.


Ray Fassett

Employ Media LLC (.Jobs)

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