[Comments-reference-lgrs-second-level-24aug20] Comments to Reference Label Generation Rules for the Thai Language

Arthit Suriyawongkul arthit at thainetizen.org
Fri Sep 18 12:17:52 UTC 2020


Input on Phinthu

For Phinthu (U+0E3A), a small diacritical mark that to be placed below a consonant,
It will be quite a challenge to notice it visually on a small browser’s address bar - especially
when consider that it may be rendered near the bottom frame of the address bar 
or when Phinthu is paired with a constant that has a “tail” under its body on the baseline
(Like Do Chada U+0E0E).

There could be a case of confusion from two very similar name, one with and one without Phinthu.


Input on Maiyamok (U+0E46) (repetition mark)

Alternatively, the domain name could be a full spell out of a word/phrase, removing the need of the repetition mark.
For example, instead of having a “<word1><word2><maiyamok>”, 
we can have “<word1><word2><word2>” or “<word1><word1><word2><word2>”.


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