[Comments-reference-lgrs-second-level-24aug20] Comment from CDNC and CGP

王伟 wangwei at cnic.cn
Wed Oct 14 03:56:02 UTC 2020

The CDNC and CGP members have discussed over the Second level LGR and agreed that we are fine with the current Chinese SL-LGR. 


Furthermore, we would like to point out that there are four rules for Chinese domain name:

-- Root LGR

-- Second level LGR (The variant set is based on the set defined in the .asia ZH set with some minor adjustments)

-- CDNC rules (mostly applied on SLD)

-- .asia rules (mostly applied on SLD)


We will launch an internal process in CDNC to discuss whether it is needed to merge these rules into one. For the time being, we are OK with the current version of SLD-LGR and have no further comments on that. 
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