[Comments-rssac2-review-final-01may18] Business Constituency (BC) comment on Draft Report of RSSAC2 Review

Steve DelBianco sdelbianco at netchoice.org
Sun Jun 10 15:39:51 UTC 2018

The ICANN Business Constituency (BC) is pleased with the outcome of the RSSAC review and fully agrees with the recommendations.

As established in the report, the BC is highly concerned that RSSAC does not consider itself accountable to ICANN Board and Community even though it is stipulated in its Charter. The recommendation for RSSAC Charter update to ensure its stakeholders are clearly indicated should therefore be prioritized.

The BC is also concerned over distrust of ICANN by some members of RSSAC who are Root Server Operators (RSO). We believe this might be connected with the void created by the non-replacement of the NTIA oversight role after the transition. The BC is of the opinion that this gap should urgently be addressed in the interest of the Internet Community and the need to build confidence on that critical Internet infrastructure. One implication of this gap as noted in the report is lower weight given to RSSAC advice

The BC agrees with the recommendation that RSSAC membership be opened to non-RSO anycast instance providers, and to public DNS resolvers and provisioning side interested parties such as TLD registries and the ccNSO. This would foster diversity and enrich the depth of its advice to ICANN Board.

Finally, as also indicated in the report, not much is known about the activities of RSSAC in the community.  A renewed RSSAC should establish a community-facing outreach programme as a measure of its transparency and accountability to the community.

This comment was drafted by Jimson Olufuye and was approved in accord with our charter.

Steve DelBianco
Vice Chair for Policy Coordination
ICANN Business Constituency

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