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Mon Aug 4 04:57:03 UTC 2003


All documents relating to the past DNSO/GNSO task forces and other
activities have  been brought over to the new website
On the lefthand side, "DNSO site archive", will give you all the information
in the way that you were used to looking it up. Nothing has been lost. The
new website will continue with current issues.
Some direct links to policies approved by the GNSO since the GNSO was
created (late in Dec 02) has been provided, also on the lefthand side, under
"Policies", (3rd down on the list).

I hope this answers your concerns.
Please do not hesitate to ask if you need help in looking up specific

GNSO Secretariat

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De : Milton Mueller [mailto:mueller at syr.edu]
Envoye : dimanche 3 aout 2003 00:32
A : gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org
Cc : council at gnso.icann.org
Objet : New web site

I have noticed that the new web site does not seem to include records of
past DNSO Task Forces.
What I have in mind are the documents at this page in the old web site:

I think it is critical to retain this information. The task force records
contain priceless information about how policies evolved, how ICANN works
(or fails to work) and helps to interpret the meaning of existing policies.
Many of the issues, such as the .org reassignment, the WHOIS task force, and
others, may need to be revisited. I hope that these archives can be
maintained indefinitely on the new site.


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