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Whois Steering committee, teleconference  August 7/8, 2003

At the Whois Steering committee, teleconference  August 7/8, 2003, the
Acting Chair, Bruce Tonkin noted that as the GNSO needs to prioritize its
work program, each constituency should formally review the draft table
attached and after discussion amongst the members please provide  input to
help select 5 top issues for further consideration in one or more task
Where two representatives from the same constituency had slightly differing
priorities during the teleconference, the table reflects a best estimate of
the combined position, subject to the constituency finalising their top 5.

Item 6
Next Steps:
The GNSO Secretariat will prepare a draft table of the top 5 issues from
each GNSO Constituency based on the discussions above prior to the next
meeting of the Steering Group. Each Constituency should discuss amongst its
members to reach a consensus on the top 5 issues and report these to the
GNSO Secretariat to create a final version of the table.

(see full minutes attached below)

Kindly provide me with your input no later than Thursday, September 4, 2003,
at COB.

Thank you very much.

GNSO Secretariat
gnso.secretariat at gnso.icann.org
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