[council] re: vote on GNSO council composition...

Amadeu Abril i Abril Amadeu at abril.info
Tue Aug 19 15:18:29 UTC 2003

Ken Stubbs wrote:

> Mr Chairman...
> because this message was received while the council was still in conference,
> i would hope that the vote can amended to reflect chungs e-mail.


I am afraid that this option is not possible: the vote was cast by 
proxy. If the proxy giver failed to give concrete insructions, or the 
person holding the proxy failed to take this into account or whether the 
disparity lies in a "time factor" is something to be solved among them, 
and only among them.

As Bruce has already noted, the only possible solution is to maintain 
both the integrity of the votre as it was cast and the integrity of the 
facts, appending Chun's statement to the vote.

For the record, in the early days of the late Names Council I opposed 
(without success ,-)) accepting proxies in the Council proceedings, 
except the case they were necessary for a quorum requirement (if any), 
but not for votes as such.

Amadeu, in his 45 minutes of Net access during this week (as allocated 
graciously by Wife ;-))

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