[council] new gtld problem statement

Cade,Marilyn S - LGCRP mcade at att.com
Sat Aug 23 17:59:28 UTC 2003

Bruce, thanks for the edited version. We are definately on a better more fact based track with this redraft; I have sent this to my internal DNS/architecture team
for comment before providing my comments back. I'll try to get a response by CoB Tuesday, if folks are around. Lots of vacations going on. 

Thanks for your extensive editing.  Sorry that we have put so much of this on the Council Chair. I know it is a burden to take drafting of all the work of Council  on, as well as your role as chair, and your efforts are much appreciated.  

I hope we will soon see progress on hiring ICANN staff, who can take on much of the drafting responsibilities. 


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Hello All,
Following the discussions in the last GNSO Council teleconference I have
revised the draft produced by Jeff Neuman to more generally state the
problem associated with software being used in the Internet that is not
compatible with new gtlds.
See attached marked up copy.
Bruce Tonkin

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